Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New York Centrism - Critic Says, We're All In the Same Boat

Michael Feingold, writing in the Village Voice, takes in the latest Pulitzer Prize winning play to have originated at a regional theater outside of New York City. Water by the Spoonful, last year's winner, had its premiere production at Hartford Stage.

Feingold notes that such plays are usually greeted "sniffily" by the New York critics:

New Yorkers like making the nation's taste, not vice versa, and they're not famous for approving of plays coronated elsewhere—a stance that the Pulitzer's Drama committee has increasingly tried to combat in recent years. 
Like New York's haughty preference for being the determining factor when prizes are dispensed, the committee's insistence on hunting elsewhere for a prizewinner may strike one as silly and arbitrary, a well-meaning attempt to resist a bias that hardly exists any longer. The theater's shrinkage as a cultural force in our society has so entangled New York with resident theaters nationwide that we are all, in effect, stuck in the same storm-tossed little boat. The sooner we stop squabbling over precedence and start figuring out practical ways to keep the damn thing from sinking, the better off we're likely to be.

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Thomas Garvey said...

I'm not sure we're all in the same boat. I'd argue New York is actually sinking a little faster than the rest of us.