Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Carrie Closes - But Could Be Coming to Boston?

The New York Times has a post-mortem on the closing of the recent MCC revival of the infamous musical Carrie, (which flopped on Broadway back in 1988.)

But if you didn't get down to New York to see it, you may get a chance soon.  This from the Times article:

Now the creators are ready to say yes to productions, and are already talking to one — SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston — about doing “Carrie” next spring.
Paul Daigneault, the producing artistic director of SpeakEasy, said he found the Off Broadway production “haunting” as well as “a great time,” adding that the musical was a strong fit with his company’s mission of producing socially relevant and cutting-edge theater. (The Pulitzer Prize-winning musical “Next to Normal,” about a depressed mother who attempts suicide, is playing there now.) Mr. Daigneault, who would direct “Carrie,” said he wanted to give “three-dimensionality to all of the characters, even those who don’t have a lot of words, and to explore the vulnerabilities of the major and minor characters.” He said it was too soon to say if he would use liquid blood, but added that he liked Mr. Arima’s projections. (Mr. Daigneault emphasized that his ideas for “Carrie” should not be read as criticism of the Off Broadway run.)
Stay tuned.

By the way, if you have any interest in why the original  flopped so hard, there is video evidence taken from a pre-Broadway run at Stratford.  For instance, here is the famous finale:

 And as an added bonus, here is a round up of nightly news reviews of the Broadway opening. It is strange to think that television used to cover theater this way.



Thomas Garvey said...

So far it's not in SpeakEasy's announced 2012-13 season, BUT there's still one open slot. The season is unusually serious for this slick production powerhouse, so they may be searching for something campy and "outrageous!" to appease their gay following.

Thomas Garvey said...

Actually, a new press release just came in today - it's "In the Heights," not "Carrie." Yay!