Saturday, February 04, 2012

Theresa Rebeck On The Hiring Practices of Television

In an interview with The Eye, a blog of the Columbia Spectator, playwright Theresa Rebeck talks about trying to hire a qualified woman to work on her new television show Smash:

Working on this television show [Smash], I have been in so many positions where we need to hire people. I got accused at one point of having an agenda—that they were just trying to hire the best person, and I had an agenda because I was trying to hire women. And in this case the woman I was trying to hire was vastly more accomplished than any of the male candidates for this position. I thought over time, “Wow. The straight guys want to hire straight guys, the gay guys want to hire gay guys, and women have to stand there much more strongly and say, ‘No, we’re gonna hire a woman.’” I was just stunned. They don’t even see it. All these guys, they just don’t even see it. It does not register to them that women should be more included. And when I said women should be more included, they say I have an agenda.

Read the whole interview here. 

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Thomas Garvey said...

I am SO glad she's back on television. She shouldn't let those men tell her she's just a playwright! She should claim the RIGHT to be a television artist! FIGHT those sexist bastards, you selfless crusader for the pure and the good!