Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Theatrical Mindset List

Using the template of the famous Beloit College Mindset List, Howard Sherman has quickly put together a Theatrical Mindset List over on the 2AMT blog.

It is, in his words, " an unscientific traipse through the mindset of the theatrical class that will graduate in 2015, but who only started their journey of higher education in the theatre in the last week or so."

Below are a few of the entries:

2. Every theatre ticket they have ever bought or used at a professional venue has been in some way computer generated.

4. They’ve never seen the world premiere production of a Stephen Sondheim musical on Broadway.

8. Rent has always been in production somewhere in the world.

11. Edward Albee has never been out of critical favor and only infrequently produced.

20. Ben Brantley has always been the chief theatre critic of The New York Times.

21. Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton and Ralph Richardson have always been deceased.

If you have more to contribute, go ahead and post them over the 2AMT site.

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