Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The T Plays - Now a Tradition

T Theater

Mill 6 Collaborative seems to have hit the sweet spot when it came up with its playwriting challenge called The T Plays.

Tomorrow night marks the opening of the third annual run of this unique mini-festival.

Seven Boston-based playwrights boarded the MBTA last Saturday morning, and by that night they had to have a draft of a ten minute play to hand into the festival organizers.

Within a week, the plays are staged with some of Boston's best fringe directors overseeing some of the Hub's talented actors.

Wondering what it's like for a playwright to be under such pressure? John Greiner-Ferris, one of the participating writers, chronicles the experience on his blog.

For those who have never attended before, I would advise getting tickets early The Factory Theater is a very small venue.

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