Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That's Refreshing

The Globe has a pre-show piece on the Huntington's production of Vengeance is the Lord's and its playwright, Bob Glaudini:

For him, the writing process begins with an image in his mind. In the case of “Vengeance Is the Lord’s,’’ it involved two characters, one of whom says to the other something that can’t be printed in this newspaper. Glaudini then follows the characters to find out what the story is.

“I don’t use an outline, and so that’s hit-and-miss. There are plays that are definitely misses that no one’s ever gonna do,’’ he said, adding that he nonetheless wouldn’t know how to take a different approach to writing.

That's some refreshing candor about the limitations of the just-follow-the-story-as-you-write method.

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Thomas Garvey said...

It's interesting when playwrights betray a subconscious awareness of the weaknesses of their own work, isn't it. After seeing "Vengeance" last night, I can safely say Bob Glaudini should work from an outline.