Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Going Places"

Here in the Hub, Victorian America gets the dramatic treatment by two of America's most bankable playwrights.

Above, Debra Wise, Melissa Baroni and Jennie Israel in David Mamet's Boston Marriage at New Repertory Theatre (Photo by Andrew Brilliant/ Brilliant Pictures)

And Sarah Ruhl's take on Victorian ladies coming face to face with the advent of electricity opens this weekend at Speakeasy Stage. Below: Anne Gottlieb and Marianna Bassham in a scene from IN THE NEXT ROOM (or The Vibrator Play). (Photo by Stephen T. Meyer.)

Below is my team's entry into the 48 Hour Film Festival a few years ago - Time Share revolves around three Victorian women and a modern day Victorian scholar. Written, filmed and edited in 48 hours and had to include certain characters props and lines of dialogue. (Amanda and I wrote the screenplay.)

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