Thursday, July 01, 2010

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Blog Work

If you are a regular visitor, you may have noticed that there have been a few changes to The Mirror Up To Nature. I have been meaning to update this blog's look for a long time now, but never really had the chunk of time to test and make sure everything would work right.

I also wanted to maintain a clean look - white space - without having to sacrifice some of the widgets and gadgets that could make the blog a little more dynamic. I decided on a third- party template that offered three columns and a nice, white design.

That was about two years ago.

Recently, I have had a little more time on my hands while seeking employment. I was laid off from my day job of eight years - when the economy is like it is now, the employment industry becomes very hard hit. So I finally decided, after I was in my settings last week, to just start going ahead with the redesign.

I tinkered a little bit with the new Template Designer features that Blogger is offering, and I like it, but decided that my third party template has a better look than the limited designs they have available right now.

In process right now is the recreation of my blog lists and links. Fortunately, the gadget for creating a "Blog List" allows the import of feeds directly from your Google Reader! I was able to get most of the weblogs from my old site over into the Theatre Blogs list you see on the right hand column below.

The best feature of the Blog List display is the preview titles and the ability to have them sorted by most recent updates. The only downside is that it only imports the titles of the blogs - on my last site I would list the author's name next to the blog title. If you are a blogger, and you would like to be listed on my blogroll, please let me know in the comments or by e-mail.

I have kept the links to Boston Theatre Critics and News Sites at the top and I have folded in online sites such at Thomas Garvey's The Hub Review and Bill Marx's The Arts Fuse that I previously listed under Blogs.

Right now, I need to find a place to put Organizational Blogs for the Boston area. Many theater companies, especially the smaller ones, are now blogging regularly. and there are also sites like ArtsBoston and Explore Boston Theater. I may set up a separate stand-alone page for this.

Let me know what you think.


Travis Bedard said...

Along with a Boston Orgs page you could easily do a Shared Items page for Further Mirror reading...

no #2amt on the blogroll?

Thomas Garvey said...

Hey Art! - The sight looks great! Reminds me I've got to update mine, too.

Art said...

Thanks, Thom, and Travis.

I added @AM theatre. It didn't come over with my Google Reader list because it must have been saved in a different folder.