Thursday, July 15, 2010

More on Auditions

Right on the heels of John Kuntz's musing about auditions yesterday, Chicago actor/playwright Josh Rollins types some thoughts on his blog - The Glass Bead.

Josh acted here in Boston for a while, and was, for some of that time, a part of Essayons Theater Company - the company I founded and ran with friends and my wife, Amanda.

He is currently in a successful, extended run of Suicide, Incorporated at The Gift Theater in Chicago. Here he talks about some of the necessary grind of the audition circuit:

The “look-see” is exactly what it sounds like. No lines. No wardrobe suggestions, sometimes, no discernible part. The casting director just wants you to talk into a room so they can take a picture of you. Yep. That’s it. And this process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to two hours of waiting waiting waiting. All to go in. Stand on an x. Look at the camera, and plead with your eyes to “hire me”.

The look see. Yep. Imagine going in for a job interview- sitting in the lobby, and having the boss come out, look you over and say “thanks for coming in”

Yet gigs behind look sees can pay in the thousands of dollars. and so we line up. and we do it. over and over again.

I kinda wonder if it would be inappropriate to just tell the casting agency they already have 4,032 digital pictures of me taken last month, and if they used one of those, it would save us both an hour out of my day.

But I don’t. Because that would take a back bone.

Two days, and two new blogs to add to the blogroll!

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