Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grown Men Weeping ... Miller's Power?

Ben Brantley sends in a dispatch from his London trip in which he takes in the new Howard Davies production of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.

At the end of his entry, he makes an observation that calls to mind what many reported seeing during the original production of Miller's Death of a Salesman:

Just before the curtain came down, the air was rent by the loudest, most convulsive sobs I have ever heard from within a theater audience. When I looked behind me, I saw a business-suited man the size of a linebacker, his head buried in his hands, being comforted by a petite blonde woman. My date for the show, who is as much in love with theater as I am, said of the sobbing giant, “That’s rather heartening, isn’t it?” I knew what she meant.

The Huntington Theatre Company produced an excellent All My Sons last season - the play still has an enormous power.

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Rebecca C said...

Thanks, Art.

- Rebecca Curtiss, Huntington Theatre Company