Thursday, June 10, 2010

Critical Storms in the Northeast Corridor

Philly critic, Wendy Rosenfield, touched off an enormous comment thread when she started off her review this way:

The title of Megan Gogerty's musical Love Jerry isn't a sign-off, but an entreaty. Nice People Theatre Company, in producing this show about an active pedophile, asks a not-so-nice question: Can you love Jerry? I'd like to ask an even less nice question: Why should I be forced to try?

Wendy responds to the firestorm in the comments and on her Drama Queen blog:

I believe this script is fundamentally flawed, that the questions it raises are the wrong questions (and yes, I believe that on this topic there is a clear right and wrong approach) and the answers it suggests are the wrong answers. After all, love, therapy and forgiveness is the same cocktail the Catholic church claims it served up while managing its pedophile priests, and look how successful that's been for the church and its young victims.

Meanwhile, here in the Hub, Louise Kennedy's review of the American Repertory Theater's production of Johnny Baseball is getting some attention from one of the show's creators, Richard Dresser.

Dresser has written a letter in response:

In Louise Kennedy’s review of “Johnny Baseball’’ at the American Repertory Theater (“Bases Loaded g, June 4), she writes, “Given the theme, it’s just wrong that some of the show’s jokes are cheaply homophobic.’’

As the book writer of “Johnny Baseball’’ I must respond. There is not a single homophobic joke, cheap or otherwise, in the show. Not one. In talking to both gay and straight members of the “Johnny Baseball’’ team and gay and straight audience members and friends who have seen the show, it has become clear that only one person has found homophobia in “Johnny Baseball.’’

I haven't seen Johnny Baseball, yet. However, when the review first came out, I did think that Kennedy's remark was a little strange, especially when it appeared, (as Dresser goes on to point out,)with not a single example.

Anybody out there who has seen it have any idea to what Kennedy might be referring?

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