Monday, April 26, 2010

The Original "Kick-Ass" Movie.

John Ritter was really wonderful in this silly 80's comedy that treated, VERY realistically, the concept of an average guy wearing a superhero costume and trying to fight crime.


Aaron Riccio said...

More recently, and more realistically, was the film Special.

Ian Thal said...

Well, Mark Millar (the writer of Kick-Ass) is rarely accused of being the most original writer in superhero comics. Though, if you like that sort of thing, his run on The Authority was quite good once you get past his fetish for ultra-violence.

Ian Thal said...

Came across this article today that gives a history of the trope of the normal guy or gal inspired by fictitious superheroes to put on a costume and fight crime:

Comic Book Motifs – Real Life Superheroes