Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cantankerous Nitpicking by Me

People keep e-mailing me this article and saying how great it is. Well, I know it is not the Huntington's fault, but, maybe, just maybe the New York Times could have, you know, actually mentioned some more of the Boston people that the theater is "emphasizing" with its playwriting program.

Here is a link to the announcement of the new Huntington Fellows on the Huntington Blog.

Nobody asked - Just my opinion.


Thomas Garvey said...

Well, like most of NYT writer Patrick Healy's work, it's just a glorified press release, isn't it. The article's putative subject - Boston playwrights - hardly figures next to the personalities and political stance that the Huntington is seeking to promote. This is just the way the world works, of course. At any rate it's good to see local nice guy (and talented writer) Patrick Gabridge catch a break as a Huntington fellow.

Patrick Gabridge said...

Thanks, guys.

While of course it's always nice to be mentioned (postively) in the Times, it definitely wasn't the Huntington's fault, obviously--they'd put our names out there, and the Times chose what to include or not. As with any newspaper story, of course, it's hard to know tell what was originally there from the reporter and what got cut by the editors to make more room.

I think, in light of Outrageous Fortune (on which I still need for formulate some coherent thoughts), there is reason for other regional theatres to look at what the Huntington is trying to accomplish with the HPF program. And that program, I think, will continue to shift and grow a bit, in terms of what it can offer to writers over the next few years.