Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Thing I Noticed...

As I make my way, now slowly, through the last decade of theater, I noticed a lack of Boston productions of some of the bigger hits on the TCG lists.

Proof,Doubt, and W;t, for instance, all received a very minimal amount of productions in the area.

Light, of course, dawned and I realized that those shows had high profile touring productions through Boston. So, many, many theatergoers in the area saw those productions.

In this same regard, we probably won't see a production of August; Osage County for a while, as it is also coming through on a post-Broadway tour. Luckily for us, Broadway tours of The Goat and The History Boys never materialized here, so we got to see local actors and directors tackle the parts.

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isaac butler said...

That's an interesting point that I wish was talked about explicitly in Outrageous Fortune etc., the role of touring productions of hit broadway plays.

I am pretty sure that this season is the first time that Angels in America has been performed with local artists in Washington, D.C. Why? Because the Broadway tour came through immediately afterwards, and then no one wanted to do it. (Slavs and Homebody/Kabul, and Caroline, or Change, all box office failures in NYC have been done with local casts).