Monday, January 04, 2010

And On the Other Hand...

After just posting about Elevator Repair Service's process for creating theatre, I thought I'd quote this bit from Adam Szymkowicz's interview with Theresa Rebeck:

Q: What advice do you have for playwrights just starting out?

A: I think that young playwrights should spend more of their time working on the basics of playwriting--scene work, dialogue, character, action. I think they should try to hear the rhythms of language in their own idiom. I think that they shouldn't worry so much about being "unconventional." A friend of mine recently confessed that younger writers are being taught, in some programs, that anything "conventional" is not cool. I think that's catastrophic thinking. Too many young writers spend so much time trying to be post modern that they don't finally write about anything at all.

By the way, Adam's series of playwright interviews is now taking suggestions!

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Ian Thal said...

I get the impression though that Elevator Repair Service picks its techniques and structure based on what best fits the material while Rebeck is talking about younger playwrights adopting techniques and structure regardless of whether it applies to the story and often in place of actual storytelling.

And just for the record: I currently have no opinion on Rebeck's work.