Monday, December 28, 2009

Best Sets? Lighting?

Time Out Chicago takes their "top" lists a step further, including Best Sets of the Decade.

Do any Mirror readers have suggestions for Best Sets in the last decade of Hub theatre?

What about lighting?


Thomas Garvey said...

So many wonderful shows, so many great sets. A few of my favorites, just from the Huntington - "Rock and Roll," "She Loves Me," and "Two Men of Florence."

Esther said...

I also liked the set for "She Loves Me."

I thought the Huntington's set for "Fences" was great, too, almost claustrophobic. You got the sense of just how walled-off this black family was not just from white Pittsburgh but from society in general.

Ian Thal said...

The design/tech department at the Huntington does some great work. Sometimes one has to just marvel at the sets for a while. Admittedly, they have the budget to do things that smaller companies can't afford to do, but similarly monied companies often don't.

Some puppeteers, like Great Small Works, do some interesting sets on a budget-- but they are also working with much smaller actors.