Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Broadway After Dark

After the closing of the rather traditional Neil Simon repertory of Brighton Beach Memoirs and Broadway Bound, all eyes will be watching Broadway's latest experiment, coming to us from the folks at Lincoln Center.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put the kids to bed, because things get a little blue in Times Square when you tune into Broadway After Dark!

Just look what the pre-show piece from AP promises about Sarah Ruhl's lates play In the Next Room (or the vibrator play.)

And so Catherine is finely dressed as a bored, ball of energy with inadequate breast milk for her infant. She's married to the zipped-up Dr. Givings (Michael Cerveris) who won't stop yammering about the potential of electricity -- a technology not at all lost on Catherine as she revels in her new lamps, befriends a couple of her husband's artistically bent patients and hires a wet nurse.

Drawn by noises coming from the office during treatment of one Mrs. Daldry (Maria Dizzia), Catherine allows curiosity to get the best of her and picks the lock on the magical door. Catherine and Mrs. Daldry use the machine on each other while Dr. Givings is out at his club one night.

I do admit, I was amused by this small snippet of the article:

Ruhl says she wasn't out to shock audiences with her play, including
the final act that leaves Dr. Givings completely without clothes as he gives
himself over to his wife.

Shocking! - because...you know, we never see men naked on stage these days.

Poor Neil Simon, how could he ever compete when the advertising for his show looked like this:

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Thomas Garvey said...

Well, at least there'll be something worth watching in Ruhl's latest!