Thursday, September 10, 2009

Solo Shows

Hat tip to Indy Theatre Habits for pointing to a drama column in the Indianapolis Business Journal. The writer saw a one-man show about Galileo and loved it, but at the end of the column asks several questions about one person shows.

Do you feel that these minimalist shows -- the IRT is presenting three of them later in the season -- should have the same ticket price as fuller-cast productions?

John Leguizamo recently tried out his new one-man show here. Mike Bribiglia, who scored an off-Broadway hit with his "Sleepwalk With Me" will be in town next week. What is the line between a stand-up act and a one-person play?

Indy Fringe and Storytelling Arts have presented many one-person monologists locally. Is storytelling the same as theater?

Your thoughts?

My answer to the first question is: Yes. (When I originally posted I said no. I was posting and reading quickly and didn't read the wording right.)

My answer to the second question? Some great standup acts are, essentially, one-person plays. Off the top of my head? Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip was performed after his battle with addiction ended in his being set on fire while freebasing, and it clearly crosses between one person play and standup quite frequently.

Frank Rich once pointed out that it is one thing to try and write a comedy and it is quite another to try and write two hours of jokes.

The third question? Well, we all could go on and on, right?

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