Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Follow The NEA/Propaganda Discussion

Patrick Courilleche wrote an article on a conference call in which he participated.

This article prompts a post by George Hunka which you can read at Superfluities Redux.

Reporter and critic Rob Kendt begins to look into the matter at his Wicked Stage blog.

Leonard Jacobs at the Clyde Fitch Report fills in some background and despairs at what the Right may start to say about this call.


Ian Thal said...

The link to the Leonard Jacobs piece actually links to the Rob Kendt piece.

When the NEA starts getting involved in the content of art under a liberal administration, we risk two things:

1.) the right-wing has another excuse to rally forces for the defunding of the NEA, NEH, and other such agencies that are involved in fostering American culture.

2.) If the NEA survives this and does become an instrument of propaganda, then should we see another right-wing administration, the precedent will be set for similarly rightist plays, museum exhibitions, and artists receiving funding.

What we need the NEA (and the state and local agencies that do similar work) for is facilitating the ability for artists to produce work and make that work accessible to the general population through keeping admission prices down, repairing and maintaining facilities, et cetera.

Art said...

Thanks Ian,

I fixed the link.