Saturday, September 12, 2009

Criticizing the Critic

An lengthy article about Toby Zinman, critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer. The theatre community there hates her so much that they talk very openly about it.

Armed with but a pen (and a Ph.D. from Temple and her UArts professorship and two books and 45-plus scholarly articles), Zinman has suddenly found herself on the other end of it. The critic is being criticized, and not just at late-night cast parties with too much wine made, perhaps, with sour grapes. No, this time, it’s public… and it’s payback time. “She may have many rows of sharp pointed teeth,” writes one actress, “but I think collectively we’ve got her outnumbered.” And collectively, they agree that Toby Zinman is so unnecessarily personal, so unfairly dismissive, so categorically thumbs-up-thumbs-down that she’s chasing Philadelphians out of the theater and into their living rooms for another rerun of CSI.

H/T Mike Daisey

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Thomas Garvey said...

I find it interesting that I'm really the only person that I know of who does this kind of criticism regarding the other critics in the blogosphere. And it seems to outrage them extremely! If Toby Zinman made the same primitive mistakes as we've seen some bloggers make (who shall go unnamed, for obvious reasons!) would she throw a tantrum when those mistakes were revealed? Whatever her other flaws, I think not.