Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Edinburg Family Friendly?

Our local critic Thom Garvey gives his Edinburg recap here.

And today's Guardian has a column in which, after seeing several shows, the author and his family try to make some decisions:

The Pajama Men provoked a family debate. What makes a show appropriate or inappropriate? Sex? Violence? Drugs? Paedophilia? Verbal obscenities? Nudity? Outside the children's programme, almost everything at the fringe seems violent, disturbing or sexual in some way. That, I suppose, is what most good theatre is about. So we scrapped the appropriateness question and simply asked what might be interesting. Children this age are old enough to be challenged. Sometimes they positively revel in it. That does not mean they want to see Trilogy, with a stage full of dancing, naked women. It is not that their sensibilities need protecting, it's just that they would die of embarrassment.

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Thomas Garvey said...

Edinburgh IS family friendly - there's a whole chunk of the fringe which is labeled precisely that, and the two "family" shows I saw were both quite entertaining. The Guardian authors, I think, were pursuing a somewhat dangerous strategy, however (even though they seem to have been lucky) - shows that didn't get the official "G" rating sometimes veered off into bluntly X-rated territory at the drop of a hat. A friend I was traveling with brought her 11-year-old to a show, for example, which suddenly including a detailed description of oral sex. She stuck to the "family" line-up like a hawk after that.