Monday, August 03, 2009

Fever Fest 2009 Comes From Collaboration

This has not been a sleepy summer in the provinces.

Small companies have filled Boston houses with fun and, in some cases, challenging works. And that trend continues through August as some of those companies provide works in this year's FeverFest.

However, this season there is a significant change on the production end of the festival, which is normally helmed and administrated by Whistler in the Dark.

An alliance of small theaters has come together to work collaboratively to produce FeverFest09: Friction at the Factory Theater. The hope is that this collaboration, named The Small Theatre Alliance of Boston, will expand beyond this initial production and into the future.

Playwright John J. King's Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life is part of this year's Fest.

King explains in an e-mail:

Though still in very early-stage discussions of what shape and direction the organization will take, S.T.A.B. has already yielded mutually beneficial collaboration between some of its current member companies. Three S.T.A.B. members: Orfeo Group, New Exhibition Room and Bad Habit Productions have all been working together this summer to cross promote each other’s productions: exchanging postcards and free program advertisements. S.T.A.B. also maintains a website with a calendar full of all member events (we have the Monologues on there!). Clearly these are first steps. But though early on in its development, S.T.A.B. is becoming a catalyst for reaching out and cooperation among Boston’s small theatres. FeverFest09 is the first public and artistic display of this collaboration.

The show runs this weekend and next, but the Factory Theater has a very limited seating capacity, so if you want to catch the show, you better get your tickets in advance.

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