Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Prices Are Out of a Theater's Control

And article in the Tribune looks at how organizations are dealing with increases in parking costs:

A block west at the Goodman Theatre, executive director Roche Schulfer gets similar feedback. The theater negotiated a discount evening rate at the Government Center Self Park at Clark and Lake Streets; it was $13 when the garage opened in 2002 and is $19 now.

"Certainly in this economy, we're very sensitive to ticket price increases," Schulfer said. "But you don't have any control -- or very limited control -- over parking prices. They go up, and they go up, and that's it."

He added: "If you want to walk a few blocks, you probably can get better rates, but many people don't want to walk a few blocks at 10:30 at night in the Loop. Certainly all of our actors and creative personnel are parking a few blocks away."

I know that many lots around the Huntington the price has gone up to 19 dollars as well. Still, that's pretty good for Boston. The South End area has many metered spots, but you have to get there early, and remember that the meters go to 8PM.

The T is still the best way to get to the downtown venues though.

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Todd Williams said...

yep - they are up to $19 around the Huntington. But there are discounts available.

Best South End discount is 100 Clarendon. $7 after 5PM Mon - Fri

More info at