Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amusing Side Note from the Gender Bias Study

On page 62 of Emily Sands' study Opening the Curtain on Playwright Gender:

After merging the two books' lists of theaters, I restricted my sample from the full list of appromixately 600 theaters to the 455 theaters with an e-mail address published in either or both of the sources. Of the 455 email addresses published in the Dramatists Sourcebook and the Dramatist Guild Resource Directory 203 emails were undelivarable. In all, then, survey recipients numbered 252. Perhaps the theaters that list valid email addresses are fundamentally different in some ways from those that do not; if so, this study's results are best applied only to theaters that publish valid email addresses for electronic submissions.

Emphasis is mine. Maybe TCG should start offering the Sourcebook at half price?

What do you think?

The full study is available on Jodi Schoenbrun Carter's Off Stage Right Blog.

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Jodi Schoenbrun Carter said...

That made me giggle too, but it is actually a sad statistic on its own. In this day and age of email, on-line hosting and spam filter capabilities it is really easy to have a working email address for an organization of any size. And of course folks shouldn't have to badgered to make sure their info is up to date in the few resources there are. Thanks for the link!