Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Prof Has a New Home on the Web

Scott Walters, who has contributed to the blogosphere from his weblog Theatre Ideas, is now starting a new blog, to go with his new project.

The NEA has given a grant for Scott to explore his Less than 100K Project. And so his thoughts can now be read at the <100K Project blog.

Congratulations to Scott Walters. And for everybody who still says there are no actions or results to come from the discussions that go on in the blogosphere....well...let's just leave it that.

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Scott Walters said...

Thanks, Art, for the post. Indeed, without my participation in theatre discussions via my blog and other blogs in the theatrosphere, I know for a fact that the <100K Project would have never come into being at all. It is with some reluctance that I move away from Theatre Ideas, which has developed a fairly decent readership, but splitting my focus between two blogs wasn't working, and I really need to lock onto the new project.