Friday, May 08, 2009

Manhattan Theatre Club - Second Stage or Broadway

Garret Eisler at The Playgoer, muses on the Manhattan Club's choices:

I usually don't care a whit about a theatre's mission statement, but in this case it is indeed odd that a company so professly devoted to new plays and new writers would use their prime venue this season to dig up antiques. When they opened The Biltmore five years ago (at a great expense that plummeted the company into dire financial straits even before the recession), their justification was to bring the serious new American dramatic play back to Broadway. In other words, that's where those public funds were supposed to be going.

Everyone's allowed to fail. But I just can't help asking: wouldn't producing Ruined on Broadway have finally been the fulfillment of that stated mission?


Anonymous said...

MTC made the commitment to bring the show to New York. It is now a massive hit and looks great in the space it is playing in. If the playwright is happy with the venue, that's great too. This really has nothing to do with public funds. All this righteous commentary is thinly veiled jealousy.

Art said...

Hi Anon,

I don't know how it is really jealousy. Garret Eisler, the person quoted above, is not a playwright, artistic director, actor or producer.

He is a critic and journalist, who apparently is not jealous, but quite the opposite. He is supportive of the play.