Friday, May 22, 2009

Join the Conversation!? - New Age of Critical Warfare

I noted last night that the Globe review Pirates had about 19 comments as of midnight.

This morning it has about 25. Unusually active for a review on the Globe site.

Then I see that on the Huntington blog, Michael Maso, Managing Director, has ordered his troops into battle:

In over three decades of producing plays, I have never felt such a disconnect between the experience in the theatre and the reflection of a critic. Louise's first line displays her anger at the fact that the audience was responding with cheers and laughter throughout the evening, and her condescension to the audience and artists alike is breathtaking.

So if you have seen our production, I would appreciate it if you do two things. First, please post a comment about her review, which you can do by scrolling to the end of the article once you read it online. Posting now will have the greatest impact, but if you cannot do so before the morning I hope you will do it tomorrow.

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Thomas Garvey said...

I kind of feel for Louise. Her review was too harsh but often on-target. (Scherer's rave only reveals once again that she's got a blindspot for fecklessly raunchy material). The production is, it's true, blessed with a great cast, and it's occasionally amusing in a broad way, but it's also true that it rides G&S's coattails while replacing what's special about them (as Kennedy rightly points out) with sitcom and movie fodder. How much more wonderful it would have been for the Huntington to have thrown as much money on a roughly accurate version of "Pirates of Penzance"! (And wouldn't that have been a hit, too?) Of course I'm not really worried about G&S; "Pirates!" won't last, while "Pirates of Penzance" is timeless. I'm just worried about the Huntington; I'm sure the yahoos who dissed Louise were, indeed, entertained, but I don't really see why a university theatre should be catering to them.