Friday, May 01, 2009

Boston Theatre News

Around the Hub in Theatre News

The Globe has a review of Spring Awakening - The Musical not the Zeitgeist production of the original Wedekind play, which is still playing at the Boston Center for the Arts. In the Globe review of the Zeitgeist Awakening, Terry Byrne reminded readers that the Tony Award-winning musical would be opening at the Colonial. However, Louise Kennedy, though she mentions the original 1891 play, doesn't remind readers that they could actually see the original if they would like. (Just a little pet peeve of mine.)

The Globe also has an interview with the actor taking on the role of Bruno in Stoneham Theatre's upcoming production of Strangers on a Train.

Jenna Scherer reviews the musical Awakening as well. (She mentions the original play is on at the BCA.) And she has a preshow piece about Speakeasy Stage's Jerry Springer.

Thom Garvey worries about The Opera House's facilities.

Ian Thal follows up with a description of what he learned at the reading of his play Total War.

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