Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boston Theater News

Louise Kennedy reviews Theatre on Fire's production of Miss Margarida's Way.

Thomas Garvey reviews Speakeasy's Jerry Springer, and then goes across the bridge for Apollinaire's Men of Tortuga.

Jenna Scherer's review of the Lyric's Grey Gardens in in the Herald. Be sure to check out the comments section where two debates are happening. 1. The headline of the review doesn't match the content, in fact, it is almost the complete opposite. 2. A commenter admits that he/she left after the first act, and a later commenter claims people shouldn't be allowed to comment if they didn't see the whole show.

Scherer also has an interview with Boston Theatre's "power couple" Paula Plum and Richard Snee.

Trinity Rep's Shapeshifter and the musical Grey Gardens are given notice by Carolyn Clay.

The Providence Journal takes a look at the Gamm's Scarlet Letter.

Monica Prendergrast catches up on a month or so of Bosotn playgoing.

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