Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Billington on Sky Arts Televising Plays

Michael Billington writes a column on SkyArts upcoming season of half hour, live televised plays.

He is hopeful overall, but a little dismayed by the fact the project completely snubs actual playwrights, instead opting to commission novelists to write the playlets.

And one more thing raises his brow:

One other aspect of the Sky package dismays me: the prospect of each play being prefaced with behind-the-scenes-rehearsal footage. This is an idea that has been done to death on television: viewers, in fact, are more familiar these days with the process of making art than with the end product. We are more used to seeing directors poncing about or conductors haranguing the second violins than we are to seeing and hearing great plays and symphonies.

More on the Sky Arts project here.

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