Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wonder Woman Says, Join The Fight!

Buy Bonds, or....

Superheroine Tickets!

The show opens tomorrow night!

That's Shawna O'Brien as 1940's Wonder Woman and Terrence Patrick Haddad as Steven Trevor.

Your humble blogger plays numerous supporting characters with some pretty elaborate costumes. You won't be disappointed.


Ian Thal said...

That's definitely the 1940s "Golden Age" costume (AKA Pre-Crisis Earth 2)-- you can tell by the cut of the pants. Same as with the Lois Lane costume.

Once again, demonstrating my comic-book geekery.

Ian Thal said...


My Wonder Woman pin popped off my backpack on my morning-commute just as I was changing trains.

Great show by the way-- even if I have to insist that Shazam is not the name of a super-hero but the magic word that turns young Billy Batson into Captain Marvel! (A pet-peeve of mine that's irrelevent to 90% of the audience.)

All else is fair in parody.