Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring -(er) is in the Air

The Globe has a pre-show piece about Speakeasy Stage Company's production of Jerry Springer, The Opera. They are expecting some protests.

Meanwhile, word comes that Ian Thal's reading of his play Total War was actually picketed last night. I'm sure Ian will have some details soon.

Maybe it's the warm weather?


Thomas Garvey said...

It wasn't much of a protest; just some schmuck with a Palestinian flag and a sign or two. He was clearly out to merely ruffle some passing Jewish feathers, not actually make a coherent statement of any kind. I understand Ian invited him in, but he declined to join the party.

Ian Thal said...

Thomas is correct: our protester was rather incoherent, especially when the Total War has nothing to do with the Middle East conflict-- and some of his signage indicated a pro-Hamas stance.

I did invite him in, but it was hard to surpress my sarcasm, so I may have hurt his feelings.