Thursday, April 16, 2009

Norton Nominations

The Elliot Norton Award Nominations are announced. You can see the full rundown here.

No huge surprises (good or bad) although my standing questions, about how they determine which shows and performances are in which categories, remain this year.

The Norton's keep the program very lean compared to the IRNE's, which are more inclusive and incorporate, (as their name implies,) a larger geographical sweep of the area.

One small (nice) surprise was the nomination of Wizzin' for Best New Script.

Another interesting note: If it wasn't for Endgame, the ART wouldn't have made much of a showing.

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Thomas Garvey said...

Note there aren't any lighting or costume nominees (aside from Francis O'Connor, who did set and costumes for Two Men of Florence). And there are only three nominees per award. Plus the usual friendships and political connections sometimes prevent the worthy from what slots are actually available. In a word, these people are lazy.