Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marketing Performances - Amusing Anecdotes

Since participating in the blogosphere, I have heard several anecdotes about how Irish performers seem to have something tenacious in their blood when it comes to promotion.

Don Hall, the Angry White Guy From Chicago, once blogged about running into an Irish solo performer who was actually cold calling residents in the area of the theater about his show. The actor told Don, "The alternative is, I starve, eh?"

Last night, a student in one of my classes, (he is from Ireland,) told of how an Irish performer he knew got booked into a theater here in the states for a six week run of his solo show.

All well and good, but when the performer happened to see the marketing the theater was putting out - "Six Week Engagement!" - he was amazed.

"What are you doing?" he asked the theater management. "You don't say the show will be running for SIX weeks! You say that it is 'TWO WEEKS ONLY!' Then, you keep 'EXTENDING' it by 'POPULAR DEMAND!' "

It was as if this was the most basic thing in the world.

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Mike said...

That actually is the most basic thing in the world. What the American theater doesn't know about marketing could fill libraries.