Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've Been Everywhere Man....

Terry Teachout feels another New York Critic isn't giving enough due to the regional productions of great plays that go on all the time:

Why am I going on about this? Partly because I'm proud of the
exhaustingly hard work that I put into covering American regional theater, but mostly because it disturbs me that The Wall Street Journal is the only national general-interest publication that bothers to cover plays outside the New York area with any regularity. Yes, the Broadway transfer of the Old Vic revival of The Norman Conquests is big news, and I strongly recommend that everyone reading these words go and see all three installments. But it's also big news that the Milwaukee Repertory Theater has already revived The Norman Conquests, not just once but twice--and the biggest news of all is that equally great revivals of equally great plays are taking place from coast to coast, not once in a while but week after week.

That's the stop-press news about American theater. You don't have
to go to New York to see first-rate shows. You can see them in the place where you live, or in a city not too far from your home town--but save on the rarest of occasions, you can't read about them in Time or Newsweek or the New York Times.

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Scott Walters said...

Bravo, Terry! Now if I can just get him to start using the phrase Nylachi....