Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Comeback

Geoff Edgers interviews Steven Maler, founder of Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, about rebuilding after the Wang Center years:

Maler, who appeared upbeat during the interview, shied away from looking back at his complicated, ultimately doomed relationship with the Citi Center, formerly the Wang Center for the Performing Arts, which helped grow the Shakespeare program from a budget of $570,414 in 2004 to nearly $1 million in 2006. Dramatic cuts in 2007 to the budget and production run strained the relationship, and eventually Maler, who had been brought on in a salaried management position at the Citi Center, saw his $105,000-a-year job disappear.

Last summer, the Citi Center hired Maler as a freelancer to stage "As You Like It"; it severed ties after the production.

Maler, who confirmed that he had signed a confidentiality agreement with the Citi Center, said he is not angry about the split and is excited to lead the company back to the Common.

Kudos to local actor Will Lyman! His generosity provides a great example. (Read the story to see what I mean.)

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Ian Thal said...

And how many Commonwealth Shakespeare Company productions could have been payed for with the bonuses that went to CitiCenter execs in the year CitiCenter announced it was withdrawing funding?