Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hanging In There

A theatre reviewer for the alt weekly The Inlander which covers regions of The Inland Pacific Northwest, reflects on the intertwined decline of theatre and newspapers:

OK, so Spokane doesn't even qualify as a regional theater hub, certainly not from a New York City POV. And theaters will continue to struggle in this economic climate. But ya know -- when have people ever NOT said theaters were struggling? Shows like Together Again for the First Time at Interplayers and Cuckoo's Nest and Godspell at the Civic demonstrate that sufficient numbers of the public will take to a production and support it, at least enough to keep theater around here floating and maybe even thriving.

To reassure you: *Editor & Publisher,* a trade magazine, recently ran a good-news-in-very-bad-times article on small-market alt-weeklies that are, counter-intuitively, still making money. And The Inlander was one of ten profiled. And most of them, instead of declining, were showing annual growth rates of 1 or 2 or 3 percent.
The Inlander grew 9.6 percent last year. Our gross annual revenue is in the $3 million range.


And I still (mostly) like my job. Which means, I guess, the theater community is stuck with Bobo for awhile.

Which has its disadvantages.

But also advantages: Somebody advocating for theater, trying to treat it as important (in the sense of giving it as much space as, say, sports coverage). Somebody who, even if you disagree with him all the time, at least you're accustomed to what you're disagreeing with.

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Aaron Riccio said...

Yeah, I can't stress that part enough. Even if you disagree with everything a critic writes, that helps to inform your own knowledge of the theater scene--in fact, it forces you to become more active in it yourself, to support, say, the shows that Isherwood hates but you know that you'll love.