Friday, March 06, 2009

Boston Theatre - Friday Roundup

Last Chance:

You only have a few days left to be Tranced at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre.

The Alien rabbits of Paranormal are available for viewing only through this weekend at the Factory Theater.

Centastage's The Random Caruso packs up and heads out of the Boston Center for the Arts.

In Providence, the curtain will close on A Raisin in the Sun.


The Huntington Theater opens Richard Goodwin's The Two Men of Florence, a play about Galileo and Pope Urban.

Brian Tuttle could be tied with Patrick Gabridge as one of the most prolific playwrights that I know of in Boston, his latest play, The Quiet Infinite opens at the Calderwood pavillion this weekend.

Remember the Poseidon Adventure? The Morning After? Maureen McGovern visits the Wimberly stage to recap her early career in A Long and Winding Road.

J.M. Synge's The Playboy of the Western World will be presented by the Wellesley Summer Theatre.


Maggie and Brick still occupy the same cage in Cat On Hot Tin Roof at the Lyric Stage.

Speakeasy keeps the breakroom open as Blackbird keeps on at the Roberts Theater.

Take a trip over the bridge to Chelsea for dark play or stories for boys.

The Athol Fugard play Exits and Entrances is at the New Rep.

The happy crew at the end of the world keeps on in Samuel Beckett's Endgame at the ART.

At the Boston Center for Arts, Tir Na Theatre Company's Swansong/Bottom of the Lake continues.

David Hare's The Secret Rapture plays on at Trinity Rep in Providence.

Of Mice and Mink is continuing at Machine.

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Patrick Gabridge said...

One more opening: Ginger Lazarus' A Blessing and a Curse opens tonight at the Boston Center for the Arts (March 6-15). It's a duet of new plays on motherhood.