Monday, March 02, 2009

Arctic Explorer - The Life of An Actor

Here I am getting my make-up on to play Admiral Phillip T. Berryman, Artic Explorer at a local museum.

Applying the Makeup

The costume was extremely warm, but effective. I stood very still, posed like a mannequin that was part of the exhibit. A group of children would be brought into the gallery and I would suddenly come to life. The first group of kids nearly jumped out of their skins, but then they loved being able to interact and talk with me. They had great questions and were very helpful to this arctic explorer who had lost his way.

A Ghostly Crew

That's me on the right in full gear. Ursina Amsler played a figurehead on a sailing vessel. Like me, she was made up and positioned to look like an exhibit, and then startled the children when she suddenly opened her eyes. She told them tales of sailing on the trade routes. Erik Rodenhiser served as a guide and MC, playing a security guard who seems to leave every time the gallery figures come to life.

I wore the snowshoes, but luckily I didn't have to be too mobile. (I think I lost ten pounds as it was.)

The gallery I was performing in was displaying absolutely stunning landscapes painted by artists who had traveled with some of the famous arctic expeditions. Sadly, the exhibit is now closed, or I would recommend getting up there quickly.

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