Thursday, January 08, 2009

Boston Theatre - The Year Begins With Magical Thinking

The stage incarnation of Joan Didion's play, The Year of Magical Thinking has opened at the Lyric Stage here in Boston.

And so the year's first stage reviews are coming out.

Thom Garvey, Louise Kennedy and Robert Nesti find the solo piece just a little too "cool" and detached, and are left wondering. Some had more patience than others.

While, Jenna Scherer seemed to be taken with the piece, at least emotionally.
And Carolyn Clay says, " the play balances a scalpel-worthy dissection of grief with a cautionary tale about the illusoriness of control." And she suggests a complexity for the piece, but she doesn't really outline either case. (She has to move quickly into a review of a new book about Spalding Gray.)

Speaking of shrinking column space, The Hub Review talks about the shrinking of local media and what that might mean for Arts reporting and reviewing...and for arts marketing and publicity.

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