Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boston Theatre - Herald Freelance Stable

Jenna Scherer must be on vacation at the Herald, the last few reviews, (The Duchess of Malfi, The Cherry Orchard and ARTiculation,) have each been by different reviewers.

Online critics, Larry Stark and Thom Garvey, are the only ones who seem to be seeing the fringier fare: For instance,Crying Deer and Uncle Vanya at the Boston Center for the Arts.

On that note, you should probably check out Don Hall's post about how some storefront theaters in Chicago are starting to receive thanks-but-no-thanks RSVP's from print publications.

Here an an interesting quote from Don's post:

On the third hand, this is exactly why those traditionally known as the arbiters of theatrical taste have everything to fear from the Blogospheriums. When theatrical criticism has no teeth and is strictly there to act as a consumer report rather than a balls-to-the-walls discussion of craft and hard-nosed opinion, what'd they all expect?

And here's the second swing of that pendulum. An awful lot of theatrical journalism in the past ten years or so has been unfailingly polite. There's been little sense that theater matters enough to get up in peoples' faces and get scrappy about it. We all know one hard and fast rule of the work we do - PASSION MOTIVATES. With the advocacy of the arts in the hands of a timid and bloodless press, fearful of stepping on toes or calling bullshit when they see bullshit, is it any wonder their pages are less frequently read?

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Thomas Garvey said...

I, too, have noticed Scherer's absence. Her replacements have only underlined just how smart she actually is. It would be a shame if the Herald stopped using her.