Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Au Revoir, Great Line

I am working on a short play. I had begun it in hopes of submitting it for a certain festival.

The deadline passed for the festival, but theme of the festival, (which inspired the play,) intrigued me and I am continuing with it.

I wrote the best line for one of the characters the other night. As I wrote the line, I smiled. I thought, "what a clever line."

Reading it back to myself, silently, I suddenly chuckled. It was such a good line. Amazing, really.

I am sure that you would think so. Who wouldn't?

The next night I sat down to work again and read over what I had written up to that point. Ahhh, there it was... the Great Line. It was just as I left it - great and witty and encompassing many meanings. Yes.

It is gone now. It was deleted by my own hand - on purpose.

Goodbye, Great Line. Maybe we will meet again in another play. But for now... well, I didn't realize when we first met how much attention you drew to yourself.
It's not that you are not Great, you are... in all the ways I originally thought you were.

Au revoir, Great Line, you will always be clever in my memory.

Is the Great Line gone?

Yes? Good.

Now, between you and me, if you ever meet the Great Line, watch out. It's a real bore.

What's that? Yes, I know..."clever" blog posts can be annoying that way, too.

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Obsidian Theatre said...

Perhaps you could share your great line so that it might live again elsewhere.