Monday, December 22, 2008

Non-Prof's Get A Herald Slap

The Herald does a thin article, basically saying what we all know already: Boston is home to some of the largest Non-profit executive salaries in the country. The usual names and institutions are on their hit list.

Geoff Edgers does much better reporting on this stuff, but the fact that the Herald is ginning this up around Christmas, and year-end donation time, tells you something about the climate we're in right now.

What gets me sad, after reading these articles, is thinking how this is probably the time of year in which many of these organizations are sitting down to have chat with the employees.

Somewhwere, a young 27 year-old marketing assistant at one of these non-profits is having a meeting with his or her manager. This young person is probably struggling like hell to afford some type of apartment in the city, working 90 hours a week, hanging on by the skin of his or her teeth, trying to pay their student loans and wondering if they will be able to afford working in the charitable sector anymore.

"We're so sorry," this person will be told by a manager who lives on an estate in Weston, "but with the economic climate being what it is, we just won't be able to provide raises this year."

As the young person leaves the office they will hear the manager get on the phone with a spouse, trying to iron out the details of their Christmas trip to Paris.

And, somewhere else in Boston, an Equity actor, who has been performing steadily for decades, who is still living in a studio apartment, who can't afford to get his or her car repaired, will get the contract for the next gig and find that the pay is same amount as ten years ago.

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