Thursday, December 04, 2008

"It's More Than a Speculation - It's a Prediction !"

There is something magical that happens when a good actor doesn't realize he or she is in something schlocky. When an actor tries to go against the grain of the project it can create moments of unexpectedley high camp.

Such a joyous combination happened in 1978.

Irwin Allen's The Swarm had Michael Caine as its marquee star. And if you have a few minutes, you can enjoy some his historical histrionics in the following clip assembled on You Tube.

Amazingly, the above clip doesn't even include ALL of the fun from The Swarm. For more Swarm goodies, I have attached a second You Tube clip, which contains some of the funniest dialogue ever uttered on screen.

Witness Richard Widmark's character pondering how history will record his military command.

Just a taste of the dialogue:

MAJOR BAKER: Can we really count on a scientist who prays?

GENERAL SLATER: I wouldn't count on one who doesn't.

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Novel said...

I would point you also to Derek Jacoby in Underworld 2. Derek and Bill Nighy are two actors who bring it all, even to dreck--with great result. Unfortunately it is always clear that Ben Kingsley is doing it to finance his next Sexy Beast or House of Sand and Fog.