Monday, December 29, 2008

Boston Theatre - End of Year Lists

Louise Kennedy:

What's striking is that a lot of the year's best work was done by smaller companies. Perhaps because they're driven more by artistic interests than by the need to appeal to a broad audience, or perhaps because they're more tightly focused and more passionate, or perhaps just by chance, the city's smaller troupes this year, by and large, outshone their larger siblings. From the sweeping two-part presentation of "Angels in America" by Boston Theatre Works last season to this fall's hauntingly spare "In the Continuum" by Up You Mighty Race and Company One's incisive "Voyeurs de Venus," big ambitions paid off for small companies.

Carolyn Clay's roundup is here.

The Edge Theatre roundup for 2008 is much more extensive, and ranges more into the fringe than either Clay or Kennedy. For example: Gurnet, Image, and Counterproductions are on the list.

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Ian Thal said...

It's hard to say what the value of these "best-of" lists when unlike a film, recording or book which can be viewed, listened to, or read at anytime. Theatre exists in the moment.

(Yeah, there is a thrill when a comrade receives much deserved allocades-- but too often, I feel a great deal of ambivalence.)

Sometimes, a critic can frame this best-of list with an analysis of trends over the course of the year (and we hope that analysis has some insight) maybe if we are lucky, the year-end-review will highlight some creative team that has put out consistently inventive work.

(On the other hand, sometimes a critic will single out for praise a work that so greatly offended one's aesthetic sensibilities that one is left questioning whether one can take that critic seriously in the future.)