Thursday, November 13, 2008

"For Boston, For Boston..."

From the Herald:

BC spokesman Jack Dunn said the school was “very selective” when it agreed to let Victoria’s Secret sell BC sweatshirts, sweatpants, T-shirts and flip-flops as part of the racy chain’s youth-oriented Pink line.

“We thought it was a tasteful line of clothing that college students wear,” he said.

He said the college had no knowledge of Eagles-emblazoned “short shorts” that were selling next to the hot-pink BC tank tops.

“We never authorized undergarments,” he said, though other colleges have their names printed on panties in the Pink collection.


Thomas Garvey said...

So . . . the BC alumni are down with the fact that the Catholic Church ran the biggest pedophile ring in history, but they're really steamed over some "short shorts" at Victoria's Secret. Do I have that about right?

Art said...

You have it about right.

But really, I can't imagine most alumni care about the shorts, and it really sounds as if BC doesn't care about it either. In fact, I'm sure they would sell a ton of them outside the stadium on Saturdays.

To be fair though, my alma mater is probably more progressive on Catholic matters than most would think.

Hot button issues about the faith are regularly discussed in courses and high profile seminars or panels. And the school takes some heat for this among the faithful.

But I do wish that Leahy had been a more forceful about Law's resignation. Leahy's carefully worded interviews at the time were the epitome of carefully calculated political doublespeak. B

And BC alum Tom Reilly didn't exactly pursue the issue with what one would call a prosecutorial vigor matching the heinous crimes involved.

Ian Thal said...

Maybe because I was a graduate student, I always found the campus life at Boston College rather crass and vulgar and that the school was largely willing turn a blind eye so long as students weren't being political or actually building community that was autonomous from the administration. So the Victoria's Secret flap seems pretty much par for the course.

This was a relatively large school that in the early to mid-'90s was still coming up with excuses not to deal with basic public safety issues regarding sexual assault.