Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doubt Trailer

Interesting, I didn't notice any New York accents in the trailer.

The Weinstein Company, not Miramax, is going to produce August;Osage County, another recent Pulitzer winner.

As an added thought, I just think there is something heavy handed about the trailer. The black bird on the branch and perpetually overcast skies seem a bit much. I'll be interested to see how the film works.


Rob Kozlowski said...

Actually, the Weinstein Company is going to produce "August: Osage County." Harvey Weinstein is no longer associated with Miramax.

Your loyal and anal reader,


Art said...

Thanks Rob,

I just made the correction.

Thomas Garvey said...

Why the hell must every decent part in film go to Meryl Streep? It leads to a terrible sense of homogenization even among those few movies that attempt some level of seriousness. Hoffman seems a closer match to the play than Streep, but one still wonders what was wrong with Cherry Jones and Brian O'Byrne. I also worry that the play may have been modified along the lines that Louise Kennedy and her ilk might wish - i.e., to insinuate that there is still "reasonable doubt" about the pedophile priest's guilt. But we'll see. Maybe all will be well.