Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anti-Gay Pastor Coming to the BCA

In the Globe and Mail today we get a story about a counter-protest against Fred Phelps, the "god hates fags" minister:

News that U.S. anti-gay campaigner Fred Phelps is encouraging followers from his Westboro Baptist Church to travel to Vancouver to protest against a production of The Laramie Project, has met with outrage. In response, a cast member of Fighting Chance Productions set up a Facebook page on the weekend calling for support, and within 36 hours had 1,200 members interested in a counter-rally.

Well, the itinerary of the Westboro Baptist Church also shows a New England tour, ending on December 12th with stop at the BCA to protest The Laramie Project being produced by Boston's own Bad Habit Productions.

Here is a link Bad Habit's production blog for The Laramie Project. Anybody hear about a counter rally, yet?

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Ian Thal said...

The question is: What is Phelps protesting? The negative portrayal of homophobia, homocide, or homophobic homocide? Or perhaps he's protesting the linkage between his religious homophobic activism and homocidal homophobic activism (i.e. terrorism)?