Monday, October 20, 2008

Be Careful What You Blog For

Kris Vire, at Storefront Rebellion, has been keeping on top of the recent case of an actor at Steppenwolf, who posted on the company blog about Tennessee Williams.

The actor's post, regarding the rehearsal process for The Glass Menagerie, has caused quite a kerfuffle, drawing in Martha Lavey and others.

Below is a link to the original post, with the comment trail. The passage that has prompted the inquisitive comments is an ambiguous reference to William's morality:

If Tennessee Williams is in heaven (which I doubt knowing the troubled life he led), mayhap he’ll hear the gentle strumming of his words, from our lips to his ears. And if he is in the other place (which is more likely knowing the troubled life he led) mayhap the music will be so clear he won’t be able to escape it, even there.

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