Thursday, October 09, 2008

At Work -Calling All Theatre Artists - New Mirror Feature

I want to try something new here on Mirror up to Nature:

At Work

The Mirror Up To Nature would like to occasionally post photos of theatre artists doing their craft. Hopefully these will be behind-the-scenes, candid shots of artists in the process.

The photos can be from any stage of the production process: rehearsal, first table read, load-in, load-out, light hanging, set painting, costume fitting, photo shoot, etc.

Of course, I would still like production photos,(Zeitgeist just sent me some great ones from Seascape,), and you can still send your pre-show publicity stuff. But for the At Work feature, only send me any shots you have of theatre artists at work.

Try to choose the best ones you can. You can e-mail them to me at the mirroruptonature (the email is up on the sidebar,) or you can post them to your own photo sharing service like Flickr and send me a link. In the subject line of the e-mail please write: At Work.

For this feature please don't send the following types of photos: cast party snaps, staged production photos or staged pre-show publicity photos, or photoshopped graphics.

I think this will be fun. And I want to show the world the work and concentration that goes into the shows.

All right, who is first?

Concentration Of An Artist

(Example Photo: Greg Maraio makes adjustments to the wig of actress Christine Powers.)

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